Here in, we have an entire section devoted to “Christmas for Kids”. We named this section, North Pole. Here, children can paint, play, and learn loads of fun stuff about Christmas via their PCs. They can build their very own snowmen or go on adventures with elves. They can also learn to greet others, “Merry Christmas” in different languages.

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Visit Christmas Around the World to learn Christmas customs from across the globe. In our Color & Paint section, you can either paint Christmas pictures online, or select from over a dozen holiday pictures to print out and color yourself. Stop by Fun & Games for activities such as Trim the Tree, Peppermint Checkers, Christmas Concentration, Dress a Snowman, Magic Elf, Ornament Match and more.

Stop by our Printing Projects section for printable Gift Tags, find lyrics and midis for all of your favorite Christmas music on our Songs & Lyrics page.

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Christmas is the whole family’s party, but Christmas is always most special for children. That is the reason why almost everyone has pleasant memories of their childhood Christmases.

You might remember the pleasant smell of the Christmas tree, the taste of grandmother’s turkey, the sensation of unwrapping the biggest present under the Christmas tree, or the singing of timeless Christmas carols. Therefore it’s a good idea to think about creating the best Christmas for kids, since Christmas memories stay with the little ones till they are all grown up.

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How to create a great Christmas for kids:

If you have children in the house, it will most likely please them to hold a Christmas party for their friends. Here are a few good ideas for a Christmas for kids party:

1. Invitations
Make sure that invitations to the party are special, for example shaped as a star, a snowflake, or a Christmas tree.

2. Theme
Choose a theme for the party. What about Santa Claus’ workshop, a snow landscape, or Jesus in Bethlehem?

3. Activities
Prepare some games, songs, decoration competitions, baking, or a treasure hunt where the presents are hidden around the house. You can also let the children write letters to Santa Claus.

4. Food
The food must be delicious and reminiscent of Christmas: Hot chocolate, ginger bread, snowman-faced sandwiches, and sweets. It’s also a good idea to serve some fruits.

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Xmas fun for children:

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