Are you looking for a New Year countdown widget for your homepage? Copy the code below and paste it into your webpage. Simple and easy. A New Year Countdown Widget helps you preparing well for the New Year.


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Advanced Countdown Widget

This widget will countdown to several holidays. From New Year to Thanksgiving to Christmas etc. etc. You can also place YOUR OWN special day in the widget. For example your birthday. Copy the code below and paste it into your webpage and you will have your own New Year countdown, Christmas countdown, birthday countdown etc. – all in one smart widget.

All in one countdown

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Most countries in the world use the so-called Gregorian calendar, which celebrates New Year for all cultures on December 31 at 12:00 midnight.
The Gregorian calendar came into existence in 1582 and was introduced in different countries with several hundred years interval. Over time, it determined January 1 as the civil New Year’s Day.

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