I’ve known about this amazing Christmas Subscription box service for a while. In fact, I posted about it last year, but didn’t do a full unboxing/review at the time as I didn’t actually have a YouTube Channel. Well, this year I’m going to start putting more effort into creating awesome Videos for my readers and fans – and that starts with my unboxing and review of the June 2019 My Christmas Crate.

Monthly Christmas Subscription Box

For those who like to celebrate Christmas all year long (that’s us!), there’s pretty much nothing better than getting a box of Christmas themed goodies in the mail each month. My Christmas Crate has been doing this for years, and always has unique and fun Christmassy gifts to send. The monthly box usually contains at least 4 items, and costs $29.99 USD a month if you pay monthly, there are discounts for multiple-month subscriptions if you pay in advance, and even one-off boxes (if they’re not sold out) for $34.99 USD.

My Review

To review My Christmas Crate I was given a discount code for the box itself, however the postage to the UK more than made up for the difference in cost – in addition to the delivery customs fees I had to pay later. That being said – I loved my box. See my full review below.


In Summary, if you’re a Christmas Fan, there really isn’t a better Subscription box out there for you. Even if you just want a little something, the Ornament Club is brilliant as well.

Head over to MyChristmasCrate.com and get yourself a box, or a subscription. Don’t forget about the Summer Christmas Cookie Swap, and finally – I would love it if you subscribed to our new YouTube Channel.