Christmas is an occasion to decorate the house, both interiors and exteriors, to provide a look of celebration for the entire festival season. There are many ways of decorating a house. It could be through a display of lights or repainting the house or installing Christmas signs and display. The best way, however, to celebrate Christmas is to install lights for a dazzling display. This is referred to as Christmas light display.

It is a common practice for households to undertake Christmas light display for more than a week during festivities. The Christmas light display involves installing colorful lights in front of the house, garden, lawns, entrance, balcony and portico. While choosing the color lights, make sure that it goes well with the exteriors of the house. Do not choose light colors since they may not match the exteriors. It could provide a dull look to the house. Always opt for dark colors.

The advantage of opting for dark colors is that it will provide great look to the house during nights. For, dark color display stands out in the dark during nights. For Christmas light display, opt for colors such as dark blue, violet, indigo, green, lavender and orange. But avoid colors such as green, black and white. These colors have the tendency to spoil the beauty of the house, especially the exteriors.

While selecting the colors, opt for thematic based patterns. For instance, you choose a theme based on Christmas. The figures and images related to Christmas are displayed in a pattern for a particular duration of time.

When compared to static Christmas display, theme based Christmas light display is expensive. It involves modulation of the lights and consumes more electricity. It can be an expensive affair. You can go a step ahead and opt for laser display for Christmas light display. Since laser light display is not permitted in residential areas, it should be opted for Christmas parties in offices or communities or neighborhood. A laser light display on Christmas is bound to attract a lot of attention from residents of the neighborhood.

You can opt for three categories of bulbs for Christmas light display. They include the ordinary low power tungsten filament based bulbs, high-powered bulbs and mini lights powered by light emitting diodes. Christmas light display can also be engaged inside the house next to the Christmas tree. It adds to the aesthetic value of the interiors of the house. But the display of lights should be minimal.

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