it is imperative for kids to write letters to Santa Claus. Parents teach their children on letter writing to Santa Claus. Also, teachers in schools impart basic training to children on writing letters to Santa Claus. In fact, before the Christmas vacation commences, there is a Santa Claus letter writing competition for the kids. The best letter writer wins several rewards announced by the teachers. Usually, all letters to Santa are addressed as ‘my dear Santa’, indicating the degree of love that kids have for Santa Claus.

Santa Claus is an integral part of any Christmas celebration. Any Christmas party or celebration in the absence of a Santa Claus is good as not celebrating the festival. Santa Claus means more than anything for Christmas celebration. Santa Claus is associated with every aspect of Christmas and children simply love him for various reasons. He is supposed to fetch luck, umpteen wishes and gifts to all members of the families, including children.

Letter to santa claus
Large picture: Letter to Santa Claus

It is generally believed that Santa Claus’ home is located in the North Pole. And on Christmas, he arrives in his reindeer driven sledge to place gifts for children. After the day of Christmas, everybody wake up and rush to the Christmas tree. This is a most cherished moment especially for the kids. The gifts will be placed under the Christmas tree marked with a name of the recipient. It is generally believed that Santa Claus places these gifts overnight. To ensure that Santa Claus fetches gifts for the children, they should write him a letter at least one month ahead of the festival on what they want. This is the general practice in every Christmas family. The children will write a letter addressed to Santa Claus on the gifts they want. This is generally to ensure that the kids express their desire.

Normally, parents make the kids read out the letters addressed to Santa Claus loud to know what their wishes are. Then, the children are asked to post it to a common address where Santa Claus stays. In fact, this has become an exercise for elders in the neighborhood to enact Santa Claus during Christmas. All letters are posted to a common address, which the children think belong to Santa Claus. An adult in the neighborhood dons the dress of Santa Claus and delivers the gifts to the children in each house of the community.


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