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The Grinch, also known as the evil twin of the Santa Claus is believed to be leading the dark Christmas. In his book “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” published in 1957, the popular author Dr Seuss brought out the character to the public eye. The green faced gnomes are believed to be on an anti-Claus mission and project monstrous features indicative of greed, envy, and malevolent notions. Stories reveal that the Grinch signifying ego and evil power, worked his way up to Santa’s chiefly trusted elf.

The evil motive

It is said that the Grinch hatched a malicious plan to dampen the spirit of Christmas. However, his plan was blotted despite all his efforts. Owing to his plan’s failure, he was outcast by his fellow gnomes. Many believe that he is still hiding in the dark caves cringing in fear of his gloomy fate. While you may just begin to think that the world is freed of the gnome, there are rumours that Grinch could reappear after having disappeared in 2013. Despite Grinch’s notorious plans and intentions, the mighty and kind Santa Claus offered Grinch a shelter in the North Pole. In 2016, there was buzz that Grinch has returned but retained a low profile and was running low on ghostly powers.

How Dr Seuss and the Earth were saved by Santa’s angelic powers?

It is said that Dr Seuss was secretly kidnapped by the aliens and taken to another planet. This describes how he portrayed several whacky characters in his stories. He was then brought back to the Earth by the extra-terrestrial and this probably was a plan of the gnomes to conquer our planet. Post-restoration, Santa rehabilitated Dr Seuss to unclutter his mind from the extra-terrestrial influence. At this crisis point, it was Santa who not only rescued Dr Seuss but also sent the aliens back home and destroyed the aperture that they used to enter the Earth. In this context, Grinch was given the green light as the Earth’s natural composition was anticipated to have been greatly damaged by the alien invasion.

Scrooge is Grinch

Many of you would be able to associate the Scrooge with Grinch. It refers to someone who is a spoiler of the Christmas fervour. The tiny treacherous creature is synonymous with individuals who intend to ruin the Christmas magic. The paranormal bounty on his crown is considered priceless to the dark hearts of the uncanny world.

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