The Wexford Irish melody is one of those Irish traditional Christmas carols that were first performed during the 1200s by Irish people and various Christian groups in reverence to the birth of Jesus Christ. This song was amongst the most popular Irish traditional Christmas carols during the ancient times, and it is among the Irish traditional Christmas carols or melodies that originated from the history and cultural heritage of Ireland. This song, amongst a number of Irish traditional Christmas carols, is also considered a melody that had originated from the Irish region known as Country Wexford.
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Curoo, Curoo is another one of those ancient Irish traditional Christmas carols or holiday melodies. This old Irish traditional Christmas carol literally means the holiday melodies of Birds. This traditional Christmas melody is said to originate from the 1800s. This Irish traditional Christmas melody was performed and sung by the popular Irish singers known as The Clancy Brothers, and the album that featured this single was known as the Clancy Brothers Christmas.

Irish dancers
Irsh dancers

Another famous Irish traditional Christmas carol goes by the name of Once in Royal David’s City. This Irish traditional Christmas melody was written and performed by then popular songwriter and singer Cecil Frances Humphreys Alexander, and this single was recorded during the early 1850s. The musical arrangements for the songs in this album release were done by then famous musical choreographer Henry John Gantlet.
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One of the most famous Irish traditional Christmas melodies has been widely controversial around the world due to certain translations of various Christian and non-Catholic groups. The Christmas melody, known as 12 Days of Christmas, had been translated many times by various practitioners of Christianity, and this led to the song being taught to kids at the time wherein Catholicism was actually banned.
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