A monk named Devonshire, who was based from historic Crediton, visited Germany to teach and spread the Word of God during the early years of the 7th century. This monk did his bidding that was sent to him from the heavens, and he spent his time in a place that now became the heart of the holiday Decoration Industry, which was then known as Thuringia. This starts the history of christmas trees.

There are legendary stories about this monk which states that he used the actual shape of the beautiful Fir Tree to depict the Holy Trinity: God, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. The people of his time started to regard the triangular tree as God’s Holy Tree. The Fir tree then replaced the Oak as the Holy Tree of God. Then, during the early years of the ancient 12th century, this early version of Christmas trees were usually hung in an upside-down position at homes in Central Europe to symbolize Christendom and Christianity. The history of christmas trees is connected to christianity.

history of christmas trees
Christmas tree at old building

The first Christmas trees that had decorations were then set up in Riga, Latvia during the early 1500s. In the first few years of the 1600s, Martin Luther had been known by historians to have actually decorated miniature Christmas Trees. The Christmas trees that this great man decorated were complete with lit candles to show the people in his neighborhood, along with his kids, just how much the stars of the night light everyone’s path.

In the mid 1600s, German towns saw Christmas markets flourish within its confines. These Christmas markets showcased gifts, food items, and various holiday treats. These holiday treats were usually bought by people to use such items as decorations for their Christmas trees.

The Christmas tree represents Christianity more than anything else, but it has also acted as a symbol of love and sharing during the past holiday seasons. If you are thinking of getting a classic Christmas tree for your home, you should consider buying a live Xmas tree from retail shops and the like. But if you want to save money on your Xmas tree and decor purchases, you can also opt to buy an artificial Christmas tree since these trees are cheaper than real trees.

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