When I decided to officially launch the AllThingsChristmas YouTube channel for 2019, I was trying to figure out exactly what sort of content that people would be interested in seeing. Last year, I had a lot of fun filming and sharing my RetroSweets Advent Calendar review alongside my daughter. She just adores being in front of the camera, and sharing her opinions with the world (gosh, wonder where she gets that from?!). So I decided to spend a few Amazon Gift Cards I had on getting a few toy themed Advent Calendars for her to help me review, and this is the first.

If you have little ones around, no doubt you’re familiar with Hatchimals. They were the absolute sell-out Christmas toy of 2016 and have been a favourite (but luckily easier to find on store shelves) ever since. Recently, knowing that full-sized, expensive Hatchimals are less lucrative than blind-bag style LOL miniatures, the company has launched Hatchimal Colleggtables, or as my daughter calls them ‘Baby Hatchimals’. It’s all that she wanted for Christmas last year.

I didn’t know about the Advent Calendar at the time, otherwise I probably would have gotten it for her, and being too impatient to wait another six months for next Christmas, I thought this would be a great starting option to use for our YouTube series on Advent Calendar reviews.

So, here’s our review of the Hatchimals 2018 Colleggtables Advent Calendar (I will update this article if the Calendar may have changes for 2019).

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As promised here are ‘lots’ of photos of the toys and characters inside: