The perfect gift for the busy hostess is some classy Gourmet tea that speaks of her elegance and taste. This great gift can add both color and flavour to your cup. The intoxicating aroma and taste of gourmet tea can leave a lingering impression on your hostess who’ll be thinking well of you with every sip of this great beverage.

Made from the finest tea leaves from the tea plantations across the Asian chambers of China, India and Sri Lanka, taste the abundance of nature at its fullest in a cup of Gourmet tea. Only the best is chosen and carefully processed and dried before packing these treats for you. This raw and unadultured feel is what you’ll be giving your hostess when she gets one of these teas. Your selfless feelings for the hostess who’s being kind enough to invite you will be highlighted in this gentle and natural gift.


Available in many varieties like black tea, green tea, herbal tea and more, they are a hostess’s delight while gifting. Each variety having its own advantages, you can take your pick suited to your hostess’s taste and preference. The hostess will be able to reflect your personality from this flavoured and aromatic gift.

And when something is so unique then special care should be taken to prepare it to retain that ‘oh so perfect’ taste. While preparing these gourmet teas, it should be ascertained that the water is boiled to optimum levels and the perfect mix of tea is mixed along with your choice of sweet crystals of sugar. Only one cuppa can ensure that perfect preparation by an aroma that can leave one elevated. The perfectionists can also brew some tea leaves in teapots and tea filters to retain the original fragrance of the leaves.

Gourmet Tea in the form of tea leaves, crystals and tea bags is just that ideal gift one needs to say thanks to their hostess for serving them well. With these healthy teas, you will be able to express your gratitude rightfully to the hostess. The calming effect of these teas coming in beautiful packaging is everyone’s dream come true.
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