Requires a Javascript enabled browser. Allow all pieces to load before beginning.Use your mouse to move the pieces around and dress your snowman or snowwoman. The most recently clicked item will appear on top. When you are finished you may print your picture or save it with a Screen Capture.
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Trim a Christmas tree game

Tree Toppers

angel 01angel 02star 01star 02bow 01


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red candlered candlered candlered candlered candlewhite candlewhite candlewhite candlewhite candlebow 02bow 02bow 02bow 02bow 02bow 02bow 02bow 02bow 02


gift gift gift gift

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We have devoted a whole section to online games for children and adults. Build a snowman, decorate a christmas tree, play Christmas tic-tac-toe and more! For many years, Xmas has been synonymous with playing and Christmas games. Enjoy!