For several hundred years, Christmas has been synonymous with playing and Christmas games. It is the time when the family members gather and enjoy competitions and Christmas games.

Here in, we have devoted a whole section to computer games for children. You can visit the page viaour Christmas for Kids-section or you can try some of the games here.

If you are looking for ideas for Christmas games to enjoy together with family and friends, we also have some good ideas for you along with other games like:
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Christmas games for children

1. Fill the Christmas stocking

Each team needs a sock, a spoon, a bucket, and some candy.

Divide the children into teams. Ask the children to stand on one end of the living room and hang up the socks at the other end. Place a bucket with candy and a spoon in front of each team. A child from each team shall now take a piece of candy with the spoon, carry it to the sock and put the candy inside. Now the child runs back to his team and gives the spoon to the next child. The first team that puts all of the candy in the sock wins. You can make the competition more difficult by requiring the children to hold the spoon with the mouth.

christmas games

Large picture: Christmas ames

2. Sing the Christmas carol

Each participant receives a piece of paper and a pencil.

All participants write 4 of their favorite Christmas songs on a piece of paper. (Skip Jingle Bells, otherwise everybody will choose that one).
When the songs have been written down, each song is assigned a random number from 1-20. When the competition
starts, the organizer shouts out a number from one to twenty. If one of your four numbers is called, you have to sing the corresponding song. The first participant who gets to sing all his four songs is the winner. The competition is a lot of fun, because everybody will soon be singing all at once.

Christmas games for adults

1. Can you guess the song?

This game is good to play right after dessert has been served, i.e. when everybody is still seated at the table. A person starts by choosing a word from a random Christmas song. It is now the task of the other participants to sing a Christmas song which contains the word and. Thereby. guess the song. If nobody can guess the song, you say “I challenge you” and now the challenger must sing the song (to confirm that the word is actually included in the
lyrics of the Christmas song). It is not as easy as one might think, and it’s definitely a lot of fun.

2. Do you know your partner?

This game is not particularly a Christmas game, but can be played all year round whenever adults are gathered. It
is most appropriate if the party consists of couples. One of the spouses leaves the living room and the rest of the guests ask the remaining spouse questions about his/her partner. It can be specific questions or ethical dilemmas.
When questions and answers have been written down, the other spouse re-enters the living room and is now asked exactly the same questions. A point is given for each time he or she gives the same answer as the partner. Each point tells how well you know your partner.

Christmas games: Guess the song

Most people – both children and grown-ups – know a lot of parlor and Christmas games. Therefore it’s a good idea also to ask the guests if they can suggest a good game. Quite often, some of the guests have experience with games which have worked well in previous occasions.
That way, you will also expand your range of Christmas games.

Xmas fun for children:

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Xmas games and downloads for adults:

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