Funny Christmas songs are common and fairly popular, especially with the younger generation. However, it was not always like this. Christmas songs have a history going back centuries. In fact, back in 129 AD, a song called “Angel Hymn” was recommended by a roman Bishop to be sung at Christmas services. It was, arguably, the first “Christmas song.” Other songs were written soon afterwards, but most of them were written in Latin, something that common people couldn’t understand. Thus the songs went fairly unappreciated and sank into oblivion.

Funny songs beautifully wrapped

Nam tincidunt nisi sed orci. Sed tincidunt. Cras ut enim fringilla nibh commodo tristique.

Songs matching the mood

These early songs were not really funny Christmas songs, but rather religiously inclined ones. Then in 1223, St. Francis of Assisi inaugurated his “Nativity Plays” in Italy. Though sometimes the songs were in Latin, often they were in languages that people could understand and hence join in. The popularity of Christmas songs picked up again and started spreading across Europe and beyond.

Christmas season is a season of festivities and celebrations. Funny Christmas songs simply match the mood and spirit of the happiness that’s prevalent during this time. Other types of songs also drift through the air during Christmas. There are the traditional songs, without any religious overtones, commonly known as Christmas carols. Then there are the popular songs which are based on the stories around Christmas, like Santa Clause and the reindeers. Some songs are just about the season – the snow and the cold breeze. All of them bring about a comfortable, familiar and joyful feel to the season.

Sing and play...

The funny evergreen songs

There’s nothing more memorable and spirited than gathering around the fireplace, on cold December evenings, and sing funny Christmas songs while laughing and hugging those you care about. It’s very common for families with grown children to meet for Christmas, at the parents place, and sing those funny Christmas songs from childhood and relive a time lost years ago.

What could be more invigorating and reconnecting for the entire family than that? There are some evergreen funny Christmas songs that never lose their charm and come back to drift through the snowy air of December, year after year. There’s “Santa Claus is Comin’ to town” and “I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas”. Then there are the peanut songs “Peanuts Skating Song” and the   “Peanuts Christmas Time”. These are time tested lyrics of joy that have been sung around a million fireplaces – these and many other  funny Christmas songs are eternal, passed along like an invisible wand of happiness from generation to generation. Find some funny Christmas songs from your childhood and compile them into a little album before Christmas time. When the time comes and you are with your closest friend and family members, get the melody going and bring on the joys of Christmas as you laugh and swing together.

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