– Your choice of artificial flowers (at least 6 stems)
– Small clay flower pot (4-inch diameter top)
– 1 Roll of green florists tape
– Package of pens (one pen for each flower stem)
– 2 Cups assorted dried beans, pebbles or aquarium rocks
– Craft ribbon
– Cardboard
– Craft glue
– Glue gun




1. Cut a circle of cardboard to fit snugly in the bottom of the flower pot to cover the hole then glue in place

2. Fill the pot about half way full with beans or pebbles.

3. Use florists tape to tape the pen (with the point facing away from the flower petal) to the flower stem making sure the pen cap will fit after taping.

4. Wrap craft ribbon around the flower pot and secure using glue gun.

5. Arrange flower pens in pot.

Contributed by Jennifer Whipp

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