There has always been a tradition of making crafts for Christmas in my husband’s family. The kids love taking them back home and it is a great way to keep a souvenir of this special day, particularly since we moved to London.

Two of the crafts that have had a great success in the family are the Pasta Angels and capsules figurines; we made some angels with pasta last year and used coffee capsules the year before to make little Christmas figurines.

These little Christmas ornaments are easy to make and won’t cost you much.

You will need.

To make these little angels, you will need:

  • Different types of pasta (more details in the instructions)
  • A white pompom for the head
  • Sesame seeds or any small seeds for the hair
  • A gold string
  • A glue
  • A gold metallic paint

We went with a gold color, but you are free to choose a different tone for your angels.

Step 1

You will be using two different types of pasta during this step: a Wagon Wheel for the bottom and a rigatoni for the body.

Start by applying some glue on the bottom circle pasta and fix the body on top of it. Then, fix the head on top of the rigatoni.

Tips: We used a glue gun as it was easier to handle and the glue worked better with pasta then a regular glue stick.

Step 2

Once done with the first step, add some glue on top of the white pompom and roll it in a pot filled with sesame seeds.

Step 3

For this step, you will be using three types of pasta: an Orecchiette for the hat, two ridged jumbo elbows for the arms and a Corrolles d’Alsace for the music instrument.

Start by fixing the hat on top of the sesame seeds, and then place only one arm.

Fix the instrument before fixing the second arm to make sure you leave enough space between the two arms.

Tips: If you have issues finding Corrolles d’Alsace, you can use a different type of tubular pasta.

Step 4

For this step, you will be using a big Farfale.

Start by fixing the gold string with the glue on the back of the body. And on top of it, glue the Farfale.

Tips: You will need to look for a variety of large Farfale, as the regular ones won’t be large enough for the wings. Don’t mind the color of ours though, as everything will be hidden behind the paint.

At the end of these four steps, your angel should look like this.

Step 5

During this last step, you will be spraying the paint on top of the angel. We choose a gold metallic paint, but you are free to use whichever color you like, just make sure to either choose a string of a similar color or spray it too.

What we love about this craft, is the fact that you can use easily make all sort of shapes, instruments etc. We have been making quite a few variations. If you want to turn these into Christmas decorations for your table for instance, do not glue the string.

This model is quite similar to the one described above. The base, the body, the wings, the arms and the head are the same. But we used a Corrolles d’Alsace for the hat and a Gnochi Napoletani for the instrument.

For this angel, we used star shaped pasta for the hair, a Mafalde Corte for the instrument, two castellane for the wings and two Galletti n°44 for the arms.

For our last model, we added some Castellane pasta on the bottom of the Angel. We replaced the instrument from the model 2 by two mini penne rigate. Instead of sesame seeds, we used buckwheat seeds.

And finally we printed a wing shape that we glued to the back, and added a pipe-cleaner around the neck of the angel.
I hope you enjoyed this little how to guide to make an angel out of pasta, and in case you try making some, we would love being tagged in your Instagram photos.


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