Christmas parties are famous world over for their themes and the enjoyment factor. Normally, Christmas vacation commences one week before the festival. Apart from summer vacation, Christmas vacation has the longest number of holidays for kids. Christmas vacation is the longest holiday for professionals since they do not get any other chance. Therefore, they party hard during Christmas vacation. In fact, the party commences much before Christmas. The party organized one day before Christmas is referred to as Christmas Eve party.

Christmas eve party
Large picture: Christmas Eve Party

Normally, Christmas Eve Party is held for shorter durations on account of the great festival the next day. The Christmas Eve party involves a small group of friends or family members or professionals. The party lasts for three hours to five hours. It is organized towards the evening and does not stretch into the night. May be bachelors organize parties for they have the tendency of stretching into the night. But families avoid stretching the party late into the night. In fact, families, these days, avoid Christmas Eve party since it comes in the way of Christmas celebration the next day. However, if there is a popular demand from the youngsters in the family, Christmas Eve parties are organized for a short duration.

The elder’s lay down some must followed cardinal principles of Christmas Eve party. It includes retiring early to bed and preparing for the next day’s party. There are some families, which believe that Christmas Eve parties are a must since it is a tradition, which has to be followed religiously.

There is a reason for the Christmas Eve parties ending early. If there are kids in the family, placing the gifts near the Christmas tree considered left by Santa Claus, could become a problem if the parties stretch into the night. If kids come to know of the placing of the gifts, there will be no surprise element in it. Therefore, parents insist on calling off the Christmas Eve party early.

There can be small-scale entertainment in the Christmas Eve party like kids delivering a performance to regale adults and senior citizens. Normally, kids are trained at schools by teachers to deliver cultural programs at Christmas Eve parties. The entertainment program can be a skit, a dance, a song rendition or a small drama play. It is not necessary that the entertainment programs should stick to rules. It is for the parents to reward kids, who perform entertainment programs at Christmas Eve parties.

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