Christmas is a special time when many people want a little warmth and comfort. This is especially true for college students who are away from their relatives. A bit of nice decor and cheerful attributes of the holiday will never hurt. Let’s look at simple options for decorating your home or apartment to help you feel the spirit of Christmas even when you are away from your parents.

It is worth noting that all the options presented are quite affordable and do not require serious financial investments from you. All you need is some free time and a couple of decorative elements.

Add Christmas Pillows

Christmas pillows are fun and original, especially if you are in a campus dorm. As a rule, students do not have a lot of free space to place beautiful garlands or other Christmas decorations. You can order a pillowcase for your pillow with a Christmas theme. Alternatively, you can make any patterns and ornaments yourself.

Add some Christmas trees, funny lettering, or emoticons. Any Christmas theme will be appropriate, and it will make your everyday life more enjoyable. It’s worth noting that even if you spend a lot of money decorating your pillows, you still have a little money to go up to your friends and ask, “Who can write my paper for cheap?”

Decorate your door

If you don’t have a lot of space for Christmas decor, then you can add some bright colors to your front door. For example, you can glue a piece of wrapping paper or create a decorative fireplace with mittens or pretty Christmas socks. It will be original and very cute. Plus, you can easily remove all the attributes when Christmas is over.

It’s a good idea that it will be very accessible to any student. You can find Christmas stickers or posters at any store or online site. Thanks to this, you will save a lot of money and spend it on more rational purchases. You can invite your friends to decorate. Also, this is the best company to do your essay.

Hang Ornaments in Window

Your window is another element that you can decorate with various ornaments or colored paper. Cut out small beautiful snowflakes and glue them all over the window. You can also attach Christmas balls or serpentine to the cornice, and it will be very beautiful. All these paraphernalia are relatively inexpensive but will allow you to feel the spirit of Christmas and enjoy a pleasant moment. It is available to almost any student and will not take much of your time.

Build a DIY fireplace

What could be more original than creating your own fireplace in a hostel? You can use any boxes to make a frame and glue colored paper in the form of bricks to simulate masonry. You can also add an image of fire in the fireplace or put on it in various decorative toys. It won’t take long, but your room will look more elegant and fun. It will bring you many positive moments, and you can have a good time with your friends.

Make a Christmas tree out of lights

This life hack will be especially relevant for those who do not have a lot of space in their room. If you want a Christmas tree, you can make one from the garland on your wall. All you need is to create a tree outline and connect the garland to the mains. After that, you will have a beautiful Christmas tree that will shine with different lights and delight you aesthetically.

Most of these Christmas paraphernalia are inexpensive, so you won’t feel the purchase and can continue to decorate the whole house. Another advantage of this option is the speed of decorating your wall. Just a few minutes and the Christmas tree with bright lights will be ready.

Easy DIY Wall Christmas Tree

This is another variation on the Christmas tree that involves using personal photos and stickers instead of the ball stuff. You can create a whole art object on your wall from personal photos. Outline the Christmas tree and glue all the photos to imitate every part of the Christmas tree. This will be very original and touching since almost any of your relatives will appreciate such decor elements.