A wreath is a ring made up of the Evergreen tree cuttings. It is used by the Christians traditionally during the Christmas season. There are four candles placed upon the Christmas wreaths. Presently many churches light the candles during the services held in preparation for advent in succession during the four weeks before Christmas. Three of the candles are violet in color traditionally and the fourth has the color of a rose. In some churches blue candles are used on Christmas wreaths while some use white candles. Some of the Christmas wreaths also have a fifth candle in addition to the four candles. This is lit on the Christmas Eve or on the Christmas Day symbolizing the birth of Jesus Christ.

The Christmas wreath is a symbol of god’s eternal love for us. The violet candle symbolizes faith and the rose colored candle the joy of the advent season.

The first candle placed on the Christmas wreath is known as the Prophets candle signifying the hope of the arrival of Jesus’ arrival. The second candle is the Bethlehem candle, reminding people that God was born in a humble manner in a manger.

Christmas Wreaths
Large picture: Christmas Wreath

The third candle to be lit on the Xmas wreath is the Shepherds candle and the last is the angels candle. This is the symbol of the peace and joy that the advent season offers us. The Christmas wreaths are also used in the protestant churches and in all the parts of the world.

Presently you can select from a wide variety of Christmas wreaths that are easily available in the markets. You can select Balsam Fir or the Scotch pine as a background for the Christmas wreaths. Christmas wreaths are placed in homes on the front doors or the balcony. This is a sign that you welcome the advent season into your house.

You can select from a wide range of Christmas wreaths according to the other home decorations. The Christmas wreathe can also be decorated by the use of ribbons and bells. The wreaths can be given a personal touch by adding some natural cones and berries to the wreathe. The Christmas wreathe can easily be detached as you take down the decorations of your house and keep it for the next advent season.

Christmas wreathes can also be made by your own hands. With a little imagination and creativity it is possible to prepare a wreathe that will delight you and add to the beauty of the Christmas decorations as well.

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