As the lyrics goes, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year” – and what could make it more wonderful than a Christmas wedding? Of course, having a wedding at the same time as Christmas could appear chaotic and even feel overwhelming. But with proper planning, a Christmas wedding could become the most wonderful time of your life. A Christmas wedding brings in many special considerations while planning the wedding. Starting from the guest list, to the gown, to the cake and onto the music, everything has to reflect the personalities of the bride and groom and at the same time, must seamlessly mesh with the spirit of the Christmas season. The key to achieving this is to walk through the entire day in your mind and plan each thing, well in advance.

Christmas wedding bouquet

It´s all about the colors

The colors of Christmas are red and green. These being fairly bright colors, you would want something more subtle, like white or silver, to be the theme of your Christmas wedding. That way, your decoration complements the colors of the season.  You should probably use the same color as your theme on the invitation card. Just because it’s a Christmas wedding, don’t fall into the temptation of using a holiday type card as your invitation card. Again, use something subtle and elegant for the card. An ivory card with gold trims would great. The gown for the bride will probably be the same that would have been used anyway.

The idea is to have her look her flattering best. You could add a tinge of Christmas color with a red cape or a red silk sash around the waist- just enough color to remind the season, without overshadowing the wedding. For the cake, you have many choices. You could still use a traditional tiered wedding cake. However, for your Christmas wedding, you could make it a bit special. You could make it look like a tower of wrapped gift packs with a filling that’s traditional for the Christmas season – maybe marzipan, which is an almond paste.

Christmas wedding ring

Creative decorations

The rest of the decoration could include flowers and candles. If flowers are too expensive, you could creatively use regular Christmas time decorations to jazz up the place. You can use poinsettia pots as centerpiece for the tables and have bowels of decorations on tables around the main reception area. It’s a Christmas wedding after all, and creative use of Christmas decorations would give it a real feel of Christmas along with the traditions of a wedding reception. You can play light Christmas carols as your background music. It will reaffirm the joyous mood of the season and make your wedding feel more celebratory and special. Listen to a lot of Christmas songs and pick the ones that match the mood you are trying to create. If you can, you could hire a harpist to play your choice of Christmas songs. That would make your Christmas wedding truly a lovely experience.

When it comes to food, don’t start with Christmas in mind. Have an overall menu that you prefer and think of ways to incorporate elements of the Christmas season into it. You could add holiday cookies, hot cider or egg nog into almost any type of menu.

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