The Christmas tree is amongst the most popular Christmas ornaments in the world. The Christmas tree has been the top living room centerpiece during the holiday season for the past few decades, and there are now even Christmas ornaments that are used to decorate the Christmas tree – be it an artificial tree, or a live one.

Nowadays, Christmas ornaments have taken the place of miniature decor items since the Christmas tree is now regarded as the most vital Christmas ornament during the holiday season. There are different types of Christmas ornaments, and perhaps the most widely known is the personalized Xmas ornaments and decor items.

These personalized Christmas ornaments can range from key chains to decor items that can be hung on walls and Christmas trees. These personalized Xmas ornaments usually depict the owner’s favorite shade of colors and designs, not to mention his name and his achievements in life. These personalized Xmas ornaments are usually handed out in holiday company parties and the like since these items are usually given as gifts by business establishments to its partners and employees.

There are also Christmas sports ornaments that are usually handed out to sports teams and players. These sports ornaments are also personalized so as to brandish the names and colors of the sports teams, and some are given to the winners of each match since it bears the winning team’s achievements.

Finally, religious Xmas ornaments vary with each cultural heritage and religious history of a country. These Xmas ornaments may range from an item that represents the Bethlehem Star to a candle which is usually lit by the Irish on top of their houses’ window sill. Most Christians, on the other hand, have various types of Xmas ornaments that symbolizes the things and activities stated on the Holy Bible about the Nativity.