Christmas mornings are the most spirited time of the year. Most of the people wake up early after spending a great Christmas Eve. The Christians all over the world attend Christmas services held on the Christmas day or the Christmas Eve. It is a prayerful service and people pray fervently on Christmas mornings celebrating the birthday of Jesus Christ.

It is usually followed by carol singing which is traditional songs sung during the Christmas season. All young and old join in singing the Christmas carols. These carols set the right spirit for Christmas. After this they wish each other greetings of the seasons. People also visit the crib which is a depiction of the scene of the birth of Jesus Christ in Bethlehem. Various cultures have various scene depicted in the cribs.

christmas morning
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Before the Christmas mornings most of the houses set up the Christmas tree in their house or garden. The Christmas tree is decorated by all the family members and the star is placed up on the Christmas tree. Lights, buntings and other decorations brighten up the Christmas tree. The presents and gifts of all the family members are kept next to the Christmas tree and are to be opened up only on the Christmas Eve or the Christmas morning. Children of many cultures all over the world are known to hang stockings in the house and believe that Santa Claus will stuff the stocking with gifts.

Children wake up early on Christmas mornings to see the gifts that they got from their parents as well as from Santa Claus. They are exited to open up the new toys and sweets that they have received as presents. They also check the gifts in the stocking that they have hung near the fire place or near the Christmas tree. They dress in their best clothes brought for Christmas and then have a sumptuous Christmas breakfast on the Christmas morning. The breakfast on the special Christmas morning includes puddings, cakes and special cookies that are all home made and delicious.

On the Christmas morning the carol singers visit every house in the vicinity and sing melodious carols for all. The families come together to celebrate on Christmas mornings and have lunch or dinner together. The meals are really filing with a variety from, chicken, pork, beef, meat and wonderful desserts to feast on. Christmas mornings are one of the best times of the year for enjoying with your family and loved ones.


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