Christmas inflatables have become popular in recent years.  Inflatable items have some inherent advantages as they are easy to store and can last for a number of years. With the advance in technology, the quality of these items has improved significantly.  These days, you can find Christmas inflatable in the likes of toys, home décor items, ornaments and items for backyard usage.

This one will not be melting away

The perfect inflatable gift

It’s a standard practice to decorate front lawns during Christmas time. What’s a better way than to use several Christmas inflatable items to add to the décor? How about an 8 feet tall Santa Claus in traditional garb? The kids would surely love a life size inflatable snowman with hat and mittens? You can also find different types and sizes of inflatable snow globes with make believe snow swirling inside. These are well liked by small children. These Christmas inflatable items and many others can be purchased fairly inexpensively and can be used for several years.

You can also use Christmas inflatables as unique gift items. Come November, the stores will be packed with Christmas inflatable gift items in all shapes, sizes, colors, styles and types. The more common inflatable gifts include snow globes, Santa Claus, Reindeer and various comic book characters. Kids love the comic characters and there’s little surprise that Disney Christmas inflatables have become such hot items. Other popular ones are the Grinch Christmas inflatables, Nascar Christmas inflatables and Elmo Christmas inflatables. Every year manufacturers use their ingenuity to add unique designs into the mix.

Christmas ballons - why not?

Get cheap inflatables one year in advance
Most Christmas inflatables can be expanded by blowing air using your mouth. However, bigger ones, especially the outdoor ones, will require some air pumping mechanisms. If you are buying outdoor Christmas inflatables, you should add an electric air pump to your shopping list.

If you are on a tight budget, you should buy your Christmas inflatables on clearance. The best time to do so is, of course, during the few days following Christmas. That way, you can get items really cheap and save them to be used during next year’s Christmas. If you need them for this year, look around discount stores, both in your neighborhood and online. You are sure to find some nice bargains.

Christmas inflatables are a great addition to traditional decorations. Since you can get a life size inflatable for a reasonable price, it becomes easier to decorate large open spaces, like the front yard or a large living room. Since these are air filled only, their size poses little danger if there are small children round. Remember that Christmas inflatables are air filled. These can be easily punctured by sharp objects, and once that happens, they have pretty much lost their use. Another thing to be careful about is heat around these inflatables. High temperatures will melt.
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