Poinsettia is considered by most people in this world as the Christmas flower. This Christmas flower is often grown in Mexico and other South American countries, and it is usually exported in the form of potted plants to the United States of America during the holiday season.

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However, you should also consult with your florist regarding the proper care that this Christmas flower needs to survive through weeks and weeks of care until you hand it out to your loved ones on Christmas Day. But if you find this a time-consuming venture for someone that has to face the hustle and bustle of modern city living, you should opt for a good alternative to this Christmas flower.

An alternative to this Xmas flower is a bouquet of roses. This is because roses are classic flowers that can be handed out to your special someone anytime of the year. In addition, since most people believe that the particular colors of these roses each signify a purpose, you can give each of your loved ones and friends a bouquet of roses that has a particular color scheme for each individual.

You can also give your friends a set of tulips during the holiday season. Since these flowers come in all types of colors, you can mix in the most popular holiday colors to create a Christmas bouquet of tulips. But since these flowers are imported from European countries, you may have a hard time finding these flowers from your florist, so you may want to ask your friends regarding the particular flower shop that sells these flowers.

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