The day before Christmas is known as the Christmas Eve. Thus 24th December is the Christmas Eve celebrated all over the world. The midnight mass celebration is conducted on the Christmas Eve. In the Western Christian churches, the Christmas Eve marks the beginning of the Christmas season. The Christmas vigil services are celebrated in the afternoons or the evenings on the Christmas Eve. This service marks the beginning of the Christmas day.

All the churches through out the world celebrate the midnight mass. However in the present times due to time restrictions many churches celebrate the services in the late evenings. The catholic churches also organize a candle service on the Christmas Eve. Some churches organize skits depicting the nativity scenes. The protestant churches also organize prayer services on the Christmas Eve.

Christmas eve
Santa Claus at Christmas Eve

The BBC broadcasts a carol singing all over the world that is a symbol that Christmas celebrations have begun in the UK. On the Christmas Eve the entire family and the relatives gather to enjoy a wonderful dinner along with singing and dancing. There are different specialties prepared on the Christmas Eve in different parts of the world.

Preparations of turkey, fish, chicken, salads and other varieties are prepared. It is a popular belief that on the night of the Christmas Eve Santa Claus visits the hoses and stuffs the stockings hung on the fire place with presents. Different parts of the world have different gift-givers. In some places it is the Baby Jesus who gives presents weeks before the Christmas day. In many countries the gifts are opened on the Christmas Eve itself. In US and UK children open their gifts on the Christmas morning. The Christmas tree is set up on this day in most of the families. Some set up their Christmas trees weeks before the Christmas Eve at the time of the thanks giving day.

The Christmas Eve is also known as the Good Night in some parts and is celebrated by people enjoying party until midnight. After the party they open the gifts presented to them. The party is a get together of family and friends feasting on delicious meals and dancing and singing in merriment. The food prepared for the celebrations vary with the regions of the world. We can also relish on the desserts prepared from eggs, milk, almonds and honey. The Christmas Eve is a day you spend along with your loved ones enjoying the Christmas season.