Every culture has their own way of celebrating Christmas, but there are core traditions that are celebrated regardless of where you live such as decorating a Christmas tree, spending time with family and friends and cooking special holiday delicacies. Here are a few examples of different Christmas Dinners in different cultures.

Although these traditions are familiar to most, the unique way that they are executed is what makes Christmas feel so special to everyone. Among all of the traditions, one commonality that people look forward to every year is the food.

To uncover some of the most popular foods consumed during the holidays, Kitchen Cabinet Kings pulled together 20 holiday delicacies from around the world. From endless tamales in Mexico to buckets of Kentucky Fried Chicken in Japan, you might be surprised by the foods that some cultures eat during the holidays.

Christmas Dinners from Around the World (Infographic)

Have you eaten any of these Christmas Dinners?