A Christmas Countdown Widget helps you preparing well for the vacation. Are you looking for a christmas countdown for your homepage? Copy the code below and paste it into your webpage. Easy and simple.

Christmas Countdown:

Idea by hurtigbredbaand.dk

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Xmas is an eagerly awaited event for everybody in the christian world. It is the only festival, which is celebrated worldwide in large numbers. During Christmas, you see millions of people visiting churches and staying at homes with families and friends. Christmas is also the ideal time to party.

Advanced Countdown Widget

This widget will countdown to several holidays. From Thanksgiving to Christmas, New Year etc. etc. You can also place YOUR OWN special day in the widget. For example your birthday. Simply Copy the code below and paste it into your webpage and you will have your own christmas countdown, new year countdown, birthday countdown etc. – all in one smart widget.

All in one countdown

Designed by hurtigbredbaand.dk

Normally, in the western countries and Christian dominated countries, Christmas vacation lasts for long. Apart from summer vacation, it is the Christmas vacation that most people look forward to. At least 10 days are spent on celebrating the arrival of Christmas and the New Year later.

Xmas fun for children:

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Fun for chrildren All the Year Round:

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Xmas games and downloads for adults:

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