The New Year celebration, which takes place on December 31, is according to the Christian calendar. Many traditional countries have different days for assuring in New Year. For instance, it is different in Japan. Similarly, the date of New Year in India, a Hindu dominated country is different. It happens sometime during March. Also, the Chinese New Year is different from the Christian calendar. The Chinese follow the moon movements to decide the date of the New Year. The Chinese New Year 2008 year starts on February 12 for the Chinese. Unlike December 31 New Year celebrations, Chinese welcome the New Year in a traditional manner. A lot of festivities, including dining and dancing, are part of the celebration.

For those, who failed to keep the New Year resolutions made on the night of December 31, this – the Chinese New year 2008 – is a second chance to start them with a fresh beginning. There are a lot of rituals associated with the Chinese New Year. The preparations to usher in the Chinese new year commences at least month before the celebrated day. Chinese commence from the basic like cleaning the house spic and span to get rid of evil lucks and bad memories.People start visiting markets to buy household decorations and accessories to deck up the interiors and exteriors. The most famous decorative article from the Chinese is the lantern. Every Chinese family necessarily buys a new bamboo lantern, which is hung in the center of the house. Similarly, wind chimes are part of the celebrations. Fresh wind chimes are bought and tied at the entrance of the house. Wind chimes are supposed to bring fresh air, luck and charm to the house. chinese
Large picture: Chinese New year 

Traditional feast is part of the celebration. Chinese cuisine like Mandarin dishes, sea food like prawns, oysters, crabs and shrimp, dumplings and Manchurian are cooked on the day of the New Year. Families invite friends and relatives to celebrate the new year. The Chinese believe in celebrating the new year among communities and in the neighborhood. As the clock strikes 12 at mid night, fire works are started. Normally, the local municipal administration sponsors the fire works. During the night of New Year, Chinese indulge in friendly games of cards and poker.

On the day of the new year, Chinese practice an ancient custom called Hong Bao, which means a red packet. Elders hand over red packets to kids in their families. The red packet is supposed to contain money and greetings. This is a way of convey good luck. Each family visits the other in the neighborhood to wish good luck for the New year.

Happy Chinese New Year 2008

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New Year
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