catch santa claus The ultimate Christmas competition: Catch Santa
We at obviously know that Santa
Claus really exists. Who else puts the gifts in the
stockings and makes sure there are plenty underneath
the Christmas tree?Therefore, we will now, once and for all, silence those
people who don’t believe in Santa Claus! We offer
a $100,000 USD reward to the person
who can “catch Santa Claus” and prove his

These are the rules of the competition:

1. When you find Santa Claus, you may only detain him for a maximum of two minutes to gather evidence. Santa Claus is busy.

2. You are not allowed to detain Santa Claus from December 22 to December 25. In this period, he is busy delivering all the gifts.

3. When you find Santa Claus, you must treat him kindly. You are not allowed to catch him, but only detain him while gathering evidence (maximum of two minutes).

4. If you find Santa Claus, you are, of course, allowed to wish for a personal gift from him. However, do remember to greet him nicely on behalf of all the children of the world.

Requirements for
proving his existence:
1. You must record at least 30 seconds of Santa Claus’
laughter, “Ho…Ho…Ho!”2. You must record at least a 30-second video of Santa
Claus while he is flying across the sky in his sleigh
with his reindeer. (The video must be YouTube compatible).3. You must take a picture of Santa Claus. The resolution
must at least be 5 megapixels.4. You must get Santa Claus’ blood sample, which,
with 100 percent certainty, documents that he is at
least 1,700 years old and is the same person as Saint
Nicolas, bishop of Myra. (Santa Claus must give the
blood sample voluntarily).

Send the evidences to:

The first person, who sends us the decisive evidences, will receive a check of $100,000 USD.

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PressWhy offer a reward for a sighting of Santa Claus?

Grown-ups have for far too long doubted the existence
of Santa Claus. We want to put an end to the myths
and prove that Santa Claus truly exists.

Have you received many inquiries about the competition?

Yes, people are very interested in the competition. One participant actually sent us a blood sample of a person who looked like Santa Claus and flew on a sleigh; unfortunately, the blood sample showed that the person is only 1,456 years old and not the required age of at least 1,700 years. Therefore, he could not be the real Santa Claus.

Who is behind the competition?

The competition has been started by the website,, which is one of the world’s biggest websites about Christmas. We love Christmas and Santa Claus, and definitely, we have a genuine interest in proving his existence.

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