By: Randa Black
Issue: October 2000
This project originally appeared in Crafts ‘n Things magazine.

Outside, it’s dark and windy, but that just makes it cozier inside! This hurricane lamp, decorated with rice paper and pressed maple leaves, turns an ordinary rainy night into an autumn celebration. Who would guess you spent so little time – and money – to make it?

Finished Size: 7 1/2″ tall
Skill Level: beginner
Time: less than 1 hour




Glass candle shade, 3″ diameter, 7 1/2″ tall
Pressed or preserved maple leaves, 2 1/2″ to 3″ wide, eight
Rice paper, 8″x 11 1/2″ sheet
Decoupage medium*
Sponge brush, 1″ wide
Votive candle or any candle of similar size
*Mod Podge dTcoupage© medium by Plaid© Enterprises, Inc. was used for this project.


Wash and dry candle shade. Place shade on rice paper; roll paper around shade to measure. Mark paper with pencil and cut to size. Mix 1 teaspoon thick craft glue with 3 teaspoons water. Use sponge brush to apply glue to shade. Place shade on rice paper and roll, pressing paper tightly against shade. Brush glue over paper-covered shade and let dry slightly.

Working with one leaf at a time, spread glue on back of leaf and press onto shade, holding leaf in place for a few seconds to set. Repeat with remaining leaves and let dry. Following manufacturer’s instructions, brush shade with decoupage medium, thoroughly coating leaves.

Add Your Own Touch . . .

Use pressed flowers to make a year-round shade.
Place shade on a tray and surround with greenery, pine cones, acorns, and nuts for a decorative autumn centerpiece.
Decoupage smaller glass candleholders to make a matching set.

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