Christmas will once again soon be upon us, and that means it’s time to start thinking about what to buy the loved ones in your life. Unfortunately, gifting in the festive season can so easily lose its meaning, dissolving into an exercise in consumerism instead of demonstrating gratitude and affection. The good news is that by opting for more personalized gifts you can reclaim the true meaning of Christmas. You’ll even find suggestions for some of the best personalized Christmas gifts for 2021 in our post below.

Monogrammed Memory Box

Monogramming is a simple and classy way of making any gift more personalized and can be achieved on just about every item from towels to iPhones. (They engrave the back). However, one of the most meaningful ways to give a monogrammed gift is to choose something that will grow in significance over the years. In particular, we are talking about a memory box, which is a container used by the recipient to keep their most precious items and keepsakes safe. This means every time they go to look at their most valuable possessions they will be reminded of your and your connection.

A Cameo Message

A thoroughly modern twist on the personalized gift is to use the platform Cameo to request a video message from one of your loved ones’ most favorite celebrities. Indeed, beforehand you can ask the celeb to use the name of the person the message is for as well as include a personalized greeting such as ‘Happy Christmas.’ Many of the celebs which include a wide range of people from film, TV, and social media will also say their catchphrase or something they are well known for making it even more fun and customized to your needs. 

However, it is worth noting that the celebs do set their prices, which means some like Ice Cube are over $500 while others like Carson Kressley only cost around $50!

A personalized book

There are many options for personalized books on the market, the first of which is to get a photo book created. The idea here is that you select the pictures and use the drag and drop format that the creator service offers to create the layout. Then the creator service will print the booking glossy format ready for you to wrap and give and an IRL gift.

Another option is to get a personalized picture book, which works especially well for the little ones. You can get them on a whole range of themes as well, although as we are talking about Christmas gifts a festive-themed book can be the best option here.

To order all you need to do is to provide your child’s first name and a few other details, and the publishers will create a book where your little one is the protagonist of the story. These books make great gifts to open Xmas morning, or to be presented on Xmas eve. (they might even help encourage your kids to go to bed, on the most exciting night of the year.

Finally, there is another option to consider when it comes to custom Christmas gifts in the form of books – your personalized love story with your significant other. The books contain sweet customized illustrations, as well as list all the reasons that you adore your other half, something that is bound to make them feel seen, appreciated, and touch their heart during the festive season. 

Birthstone Jewelry for Moms and Grandmoms

Another smart, but subtle option for personalized gifts is to celebrate family relationships with jewelry featuring birthstones. Of course, the obvious option is to buy a necklace or ring with the birthstone of the person that is receiving it. However, there are other options to consider such as buying multiple pieces that are designed to be worn together. In particular, these pieces can work well for moms and grandmoms as you can invest in pieces where the birthstones match the birth month of each child or grandchild.

A gingerbread model of the recipient’s house

If your taste in personalized gifts runs to items that you have made yourself, one of the best options is to roll up your sleeves and get baking. Of course, there are a wealth of Xmas cookies, fudge, and candy that you can make. Yet there is nothing as fun or as personalized as crafting an edible model of the recipient’s home, made entirely from gingerbread! You can even pick out their favorite candy to decorate the house with!