Many families want to stay at home and get snug during winter and the holiday season, but, there’s good reason to get out and about. As NPR highlights, Americans are more stressed out than ever, and that’s come with worsened health and increased weight. There are few better ways to counter that than the Christmas season. At home, with family, and with good food, there are few better ways to obtain a little bit of calm amid the stress of 2021. Prior to that, though, getting the family out to an activity that gets the heart going can help to bring some vitality before bedding down.
Classic ice skating
Ice skating is a lesser-known American tradition. Indeed, Reuters have highlighted the recent victory of Nathan Chen in championships in Canada, snatching victory from the jaws of defeat. While you and the family might not be doing figure skating or extravagant dance routines, you can still get out on the ice and enjoy it. Increasingly, operators are putting up synthetic ice rinks that are safer for children as well as being easily portable. More towns and cities will be finding recreational rinks put up, and that’s something that can be great fun for the family. Ice skating is hard work, but it’s fun, too, as long as you don’t mind a few comical tumbles on the ice – or fake ice.
A little calmer
If you don’t feel like racing around the ice rink, consider something as simple as a winter walk. CNN highlights areas like Vail, an increasingly popular part of Colorado, which attracts families for its extreme slope sports – but also for its winter walks. Large areas of wilderness and snowy tracts make for tough work to stay warm during the winter, but can also be a magical place to simply stroll with the family. You’ll still get the pulse up, still get a good dose of the cold outdoors, but without needing to make an Olympian effort.
Olympian style experiences
What if you do want the Olympian experience, though? USA Today highlights a range of Olympic gold-medal style accommodation around the country, with particular attention drawn to Wyoming. Jackson Hole hosts a fully-functioning ranch with the full range of winter sports, including skiing and heli-ski enabled adventures. Somewhat more luxurious is the Amangani resort, where you can take part in curling, that most curious of Olympic sports. These experiences are also all over the USA, if you look for them, and can give you a sporty and fun way to bring in the holiday season – before making room for your Christmas dinners and all of the chocolate and snacks that come after.
Do a little bit for you and your loved one’s mental and physical health. You don’t have to break the bank, and you don’t have to make it a rough slog. You can get the pulse racing, and really enjoy the winter break, while also making memories with the family.