– 50-75 Silver Safety Pins (of the same size)
– Elastic jewelry cord
– Glass or ceramic jewelry beads
– Round silver beads 3mm.
– Small disposal plastic/paper cup
– Craft glue


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1. Pour a small amount of craft glue into disposal cup (do NOT use Super Glue).

2. Open each safety pin and slide jewelry beads onto the open prong, leaving room to refasten the pin. You may use same colored beads, create pattersn or simply place them randomly as seen above.

3. Dip the pointed tip of the open pin into a small amount of glue and fasten the pin shut. This will help ensure the pin remains closed.

4. Once you have completed approximately 50 pins in this fashion, cut two lengths, approximately 1 foot each, of stretch jewelry cord. This allows extra room to later tie knots.
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5. Slide one length of cord through the hole in the head of a safety pin, then through a round silver bead, then through the hole in the bottom of the safety pin. Continue stringing in this manner – safety pin head up, silver bead, safety pin head down – until you have reached your desired length. Check it against your own wrist to see if you are satisfied with the length.

6. Once you have reached your desired length, securely knot the elastic cord and snip off any excess.

7. Use the second piece of stretch jewelry cord to string the bottom of the bracelet together, placing a silver bead between each safety pin. When you are finished, knot securely and trim exess.


Making jewelry is a great activity for kids. Baking clay beads, stringing beads or crafting necklaces from string encourage open, active learning outside school. Parents involved ineasy at home projects tend to be more involved in their child’s education then say, those who don’t participate.
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