Celebrating the Christmas traditions of Argentina is a convergence of European, American and Hispanic conventions. It is a season for religious celebrations as well as enjoyment of gatherings with family and friends.From Europe and America, the influences to the Christmas traditions of Argentina include the Xmas tree, red and white flowers, and the boots of Father Christmas. People even go to the extent of putting cotton on and around Xmas trees and the manger to simulate snow. The decorations on the Xmas tree are meant to produce a spectacular effect through candles or electric lights and other ornaments. Gifts surround the foot of the Xmas tree, while a figure of a star or Father Christmas is placed on top.

Xmas Eve is a separate celebration in the Christmas traditions of Argentina as much as Xmas Day itself. On this day, the family and relatives relish dinner of traditional meals of steak, turkey, pork, pies, bread and puddings. Favorite drinks are fruit juice, cider, beer, and champagne. The children open the gifts exchanged at midnight. Children go to sleep or watch the fireworks display. The adults chat, play, or continue with barbecue or picnic when the weather is fair. Love overflows on Xmas Eve among relatives, and Christmas Day is celebrated among friends. Devout Christians, meanwhile, attend church services.

People enjoy gift-giving, banquets, and picnics on Christmas Day. The season is generally warm, so iced beverages are often consumed to keep cool. The dinner is sometimes served in the garden with roast pig or peacock as the main meal displayed. Like the rest of the Hispanic world, the Christmas traditions of Argentina are spent much on religious services and carols. The Catholic population celebrates the season from Advent up to the Baptism of Jesus.

New Year’s Day is a more secular portion of the Christmas traditions of Argentina activities with some traces of superstition and prophesying. Many go to swimming pools, rivers, lakes, and beaches to keep cool.