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Ornament Exchange

Here is a neat Christmas tradition we do at Thanksgiving. Everyone in the family (and friends that join us for Thanksgiving and Christmas) buys a new Christmas ornament. On the bottom or back we write the name of who the ornament is from and the year in permanent marker or paint. We then wrap it in pretty Christmas paper. After dinner we exchange the gifts. I usually put them in a basket and everyone draws one. We can then put our name on the one we receive and it is ready to hang on tree.

It doesn’t cost a lot, yet year after year they accumulate. When my girls leave my home, my tree will seem bear after they take all of theirs that they have accumulated for 18 years. If you are crafty you could even make your ornaments.
Contributed by Phyllis

Special Tablecloth

The one thing I and my family especially love is my “special” tablecloth.
Take a plain white cotton flat sheet. Buy LOTS of different colored permanent markers. When your guest arrive have them either write their names and dates on, draw a picture, or write what Thanksgiving or Christmas means to them.

I use a different one for each holiday. When the babies come we draw their hands on the cloth. Then next year we draw their hands next to last years ones. It is fun to see how MUCH they have grown in one year. I can also remember “who” was at my home what year. I have a lot of very pretty pictures drawn by guest who have talent.

I buy a clear plastic shower curtain to put over the cloth so I can keep it on the table. When it gets full I put it away and start another one. They will make great gifts for my children when I am gone. The girls can remember what boyfriend they had what year.

This could also be used for birthdays or any special day you want to remember.
Contributed by Phyllis


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