We love our Christmas Community and want to continue to spread Christmas Cheer All Year Long!

We are hoping our fans will be willing to support the growing costs of building and hosting our website, creating content, and the hours of work it takes to build the Best Christmas Community online, so we’re launching the All Things Christmas Elves. Similar to fan supporting creator websites you’ve maybe seen before such as Patreon, or BuyMeACoffee, but we’re doing it in-house so there’s no additional fees, also, unlike most – it’s a one-time donation not a monthly charge, because we know that asking for $5 in April is a big strange for a Christmas website.

As a Thank You Gift for becoming an Elf and supporting All Things Christmas,
please accept our gift to your of the 2019 Thank You Elves Printables Kit which includes:

  • Thank you letter from Chantelle
  • Newly Redesigned ‘A Christmas Carol’ eBook
  • 101 Things To Do At Christmas Checklist


Please select whichever amount you wish to support All Things Christmas

One-Time Purchase (not a monthly Subscription!)

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