When designing a home, it is designed to fit a certain standard or a look you have in mind. The colour scheme, the placement of furniture or the decorative items you add; they are added to maintain a certain theme. Why should a Christmas tree be any less?

You can design a Christmas tree to be decorated with a theme or a design strategy. The colour scheme, the tree, the ornament placement and the ornaments itself reflect your style. During Christmas, the beautifully decorated Christmas tree is the centrepiece of your home. Just if you have decided what tree to buy this Christmas, it’s time to decide on the design. The UK casino provides some tips to decorate your Christmas Tree.


Deciding on the holiday look for your home also plays in how you want your centrepiece i.e. your fully decorated tree to look. What colour scheme should you adopt? Are you going to a sparse tree or a heavily decorated tree? What ornament should you buy? How many ornaments of what sizes are you going to buy? These are the questions you should be asking yourself before you buy your Christmas ornaments. It is better to scour looks before deciding on the look for your tree. You can also look at DIY ornaments for your tree. That is an awesome way to personalize your tree.  

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The number of ornaments on the tree depends on the height and the width of the tree, your holiday theme and the size of your ornaments. It also relies on the look you have decided for the tree. The sparse look or the heavily decorated look.

The number and the Size of ornaments

There is no fixed number for the ornaments or any formula to determine how many ornaments you should hang on your Christmas tree. It depends on how you want your tree decorated. However, this article can give you some pointers. The standard size of the ornaments can be 4” to 8.75”. For a tree of height 4.5’ to 6.5’, you can add up to 35 pieces for light coverage and for heavy coverage you can add 70 pieces. If your tree is 7.5’; it’s 70 pieces for light coverage and 105 pieces for heavy coverage. For a Christmas tree of height 9’ – 10’, you can add 105 pieces and 140 pieces for a light coverage and heavy coverage respectively.

How to Decorate?

When you decorate your Christmas tree, it’s wise to mix different sizes of ornaments when you decorate. The large ornaments go deep inside where the branches can hold the ornaments. The small ornaments go on the tip of the branches. The ornaments need to be spaced evenly. When you choose your ornaments, make sure your tree’s branches are sturdy to hold the ornaments.

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Colour scheme

By the time you buy your ornaments, you would have a clear view of how you want your Christmas tree to look. Your tree should complement the holiday theme you have chosen for your home. However, there is something you need to keep in mind when choosing your colour scheme. Trees with warm yellow-green shades are best suited for warm coloured ornaments. If your ornaments are cool toned, you tree branches should be more of a blue-green shaded.

Few themes you can go for:

  • Classic Christmas Tree with ribbons, oversized bows in red and gold colours.
  • Woodland Tree with dainty deer and owls with the ornaments in neutral colours.
  • Vintage Christmas Tree with the ornaments handed down from generations and a few DIY ornaments to add your touch

If all Christmas tree colour schemes could be listed, this article would be too big to lose your interest. With all the information provided, you would have an idea how to decorate your tree so that it’s the talk of your neighbourhood. Personalize any theme you follow to match you and smash it out of the park. It would be your tree that sets an example for the trees for the coming years.