As horse racing becomes more available, the number of people involved with the sport continues to grow. Nowadays, horse racing is considered the top sport in several countries such as the U.S, United Kingdom, Japan, and France.

Horse racing is a sport rich with history and tradition that dates back thousands of years. There is nothing like establishing an emotional connection with a horse, which is why people are instantly attached to the idea of horse riding and racing after they’ve tried riding a horse or attending a horse racing event.

When it comes to horse racing enthusiasts, the best way to make their day is by getting them a gift that is directly connected with their passion. If purchasing a ticket to the upcoming TwinSpires Kentucky Derby, here are some other gift ideas for people who love horses.

Horse Racing Tracks Map

With so many race tracks in the horse racing calendar, it is hard to keep track of all the popular races. Fortunately, this horse racing tracks map is perfect for everyone that loves and appreciates the sport.

Additionally, this map can also be used as a checklist of all the racetracks you’ve attended so far. Most of the top racetracks in the world have existed for 200 + years so visiting such places is a horse racing enthusiast’s dream.

Triple Crown Winners Coin Set

If we talk about the ultimate achievement in horse racing, the first thing that comes to mind is The Triple Crown. The Triple Crown is an American horse-racing championship that is constructed of three races. The first leg of the championship starts with the Kentucky Derby in May, then the Preakness Stakes, and the Belmont Stakes.

The Triple Crown Winners coin set includes all the horses and jockeys that managed to get a Triple Crown win in the history of the sport.

Racehorse Share

There isn’t a better gift for horse racing enthusiasts than getting them a share of an actual racehorse. Fortunately, there are plenty of websites and organizations that sell fractional shares of racehorses and you get to participate in the horse’s journey and possibly earn money from its winnings.

But the best thing is that owning a racehorse share unlocks exclusive ownership experiences and opens the door to new communities.

 Derby Day Horse Racing Board Games

There are plenty of board games that include horse racing and it is a great way to pass the time between races. One of such is the Derby Day board game, where you deal cards to 2-6 players, where every card is considered a share of a racehorse. 

The board then starts the race automatically where horse figures race to the finish line randomly. If your horse wins the round, you’ll be a step closer to winning the game.

Horse Racing Book

Another interesting way to surprise your loved ones is by getting a horse racing book that will open the doors of the sport and let them learn more about their favorite races. There are plenty of incredible books for horse loves, such as the Horse God Built- The Untold Story of Secretariat.

This book is written by the best-selling equestrian writer, Lawrence Scanlan, and explores the life and fascinating behind-the-story action of the Secretariat.

Horse Sculpture

Having a small ornament that can be put in the office of the living room with a horse racing theme is the perfect gift for horse lovers. 

A small shores sculpture is a charming addition to any place at home. Try to go for a bronze-plated just because it gives the piece a vintage look that will stand out in any décor.

Horse Racing Pin

Horse Racing fashion is very important, and in order to keep looking flawlessly, you need some horse racing accessories. One of such is a horse racing pin that will be a great addition to the outfit of every horse racing fan during their next visit of a horse race.