We’ve been drooling over these Wallsauce.com Christmas Murals for weeks now, so I thought I’d do a round-up post showing off these drool-worthy, cozy, fun Christmas decor ideas. If you’re thinking of adding an accent wall – even just for the Holidays, check out these awesome ideas.

Our Favourite Christmas Murals

Winter Wonderland

Best Christmas Murals - Winter WonderlandThis forest scene is an absolutely perfect addition to a snow Christmas tree theme, and it works all season long – so you can leave it up till spring!


Woodland Trees

Best Christmas Murals - Woodland TreesFor a more modern Christmas decor or even Rustic themed style this Christmas tree inspired mural is awesome. I absolutely adore all the different shapes and sizes of Christmas Trees.


Christmas Town

Best Christmas Murals - Christmas TownThis is probably my favourite Christmas mural of all – it’s like living inside a Christmas Village – I can just imagine a vintage Christmas tree in the foreground, and all the happy Christmas photographs with this in the background. Delightful!

Christmas Stories

Best Christmas Murals - Christmas StoriesFor the TRUE Christmas Nut – this is the ultimate Christmas Mural – you may not need to decorate any other part of the house if you put this up! It’s got everything to enjoy the Holiday season in one place – while also looking a bit like Santa’s workshop! We love it!

Christmas Minmalism

Best Christmas Murals - Christmas MinimalismPerhaps the polar opposite (haha, see what I did there?) of the above mural, this one is perfect for a subtle addition to any room with a bit of Christmas flair. With some clever decorating, this Christmas wallpaper could probably stay up year-round.

Retro Christmas

Best Christmas Murals - Retro ChristmasCalling all mid-century Modern fans, here is the ultimate throwback Christmas Mural. So perfect with it’s town-square scene and vintage car. It looks like something by Retro Christmas Card Company, or better yet – Normal Rockwell!

Colorful Christmas Trees

Best Christmas Murals - Colourful Christmas TreesFinally, we have a design that I think would be perfect for a Kid’s room, or playroom! These bright Christmas Trees are jolly, festive, and colourful! If you have a Candy-Themed Christmas Tree – this would go PERFECT!

Easy Christmas Home Decorating

Don’t be afraid of Wallpaper! It might seem like a chore, but most wallpapers nowadays are super easy to put up, and take down. If you’re doing it for temporary Holiday Decor then the made-to-measure peel-and-stick option is your best bet!  All of Wall Sauce’s products are Made-To-Measure so you’ll always get the perfect fit for whatever wall you need!

Which is your favourite Christmas Mural?