Your baby’s first Christmas is a special and memorable time that will stay with you for the rest of your life. The festive period always feels extra special with family, but when you have a new baby in the house, it’s a truly enchanting time. You’llbe spoiled for choice as you try to pick the right gifts, so here’s a quick summary of the best.

#1 Personalized decorations

Personalized Christmas decorations serve the dual purpose of making excellent gifts now and beautiful keepsakes for the future. Nearly any type of decoration, from personalized baubles to figurines and picture frames, make fantastic additions to the home. These can be personalized either with an image of your new baby, a name, or a few words. You might use them to decorate trees and shelves, not only giving your home a festive feel but a deeply personal one, too. Christmas is all about tradition, so reusing these decorations every year helps to establish a family history.

#2 Christmas sweaters

Sweaters for babies are all the rage, and they come in all kinds of Christmas patterns. Some are more restrained with snowflake patterns or Christmas foliage, and others are much more extravagant. Reindeers, Santa Claus figures, and fully decorated Christmas trees can all adorn sweaters – it’s not uncommon to find some items that light up with fairy lights! Christmas baby sweaters are a big trend, and they make for some wonderfully festive photographs on Christmas Day.

#3 Personalized cuddly toys

Much like decorations, cuddly toys are easy to customize and offer a great deal of variety. Teddy bears are an obvious choice, but you can always go more festive. Stuffed reindeer, polar bears, and Father Christmas toys are extremely popular. These can be customized with your baby’s name and a message from you to remind them of their first Christmas in years to come. Not only will these toys be a comfort all year round, but they’ll quickly transform into sentimental items as your baby grows up.

#4 Keepsake journal

One for parents more than babies, a keepsake journal is simply a journal that holds memories of that special first Christmas. It usually features pages designed to house photographs, diary entries, and even additions like a baby’s handprint. Collecting journal entries over the festive period is a lot of fun, but this gift really takes on significance in the following years. As your baby grows up, you’ll always have cherished memories of your first Christmas together.

#5 Festive books

Reading to a child is important for their development, and Christmas books really boost the festive mood. Picture and pop-up books are ideal, and there are plenty of classics to choose from. A selection of Christmas stories can easily become a family tradition. You’ll be able to revisit them in years to come, all the while fostering a love of reading in your child. Ornate books with specially designed covers are popular and make fantastic gifts with lifelong sentimental value. Books shape lives, and there’s no better time to start reading to a baby than at Christmas.