Now that we are in July, it’s time to celebrate the rather fun event that many retailers, television networks, and businesses have come to embrace – Christmas in July. We have made it to the halfway point of the year, which means Christmas is less than half a year away. So, why not get in the spirit despite the warm and sunny weather outdoors? To help you celebrate Christmas in July, here are four fun Christmas-themed games that you can enjoy any time you feel like it.

Cards Against Humanity – Holiday Pack

Cards Against Humanity is an incredibly popular card game that is perfect for a game night with friends, but if you’re looking to add a Christmas twist, you’ll want to pick up the Holiday Pack. There are all kinds of expansion packs that allow you to tweak the classic game and this Holiday Pack is the perfect way to inject a little Christmas into the mix.

Christmas-Themed Online Slots

Here’s a game that can provide tons of fun and has a Christmas twist to it. If you love the action of the casino and slot machines are typically your game of choice, this slot game based on A Christmas Carol is a must-play. This one is from Betsoft and takes its inspiration from the classic story by Charles Dickens. The symbols all bring up memories of the story and will transport you to the season of Christmas. As for the game itself, this one is user-friendly and offers plenty of chances to win big. It has a 5×3 reel layout, which makes it approachable for newbies and seasoned players alike.

Christmas Quest: A Hidden Object Adventure

Calling all fans of hidden-object style games – here’s a Christmas-themed offering that requires you to look closely. The Christmas Quest: A Hidden Object Adventure is an app that tasks you with setting out on an adventure of finding objects through various levels. Each level gets harder and you’ll need to solve puzzles and earn rewards along the way. It’s a relatively basic and simple offering that’s perfect for quick gameplay. It’s also the type of game that kids and adults can enjoy.

Fruited Xmas

Then we’ve got Fruited Xmas which is another app available for your mobile device. This game will appeal to those who like the Candy Crush style of game wherein you’re matching objects on a puzzle board. This one becomes progressively more difficult as you advance and it is rather addictive. The Christmas theme adds to the fun and is carried out through each of the levels. Another bonus with this game is that it’s relatively easy to understand and play.

If you’re ready to celebrate Christmas in July and are looking for some themed games to help get you in the spirit, each of these will be able to do the trick. Whether you try just one of these or give them all a chance, expect to find some new favourites with a Christmas twist.