Colorful lights, busy streets, packed shops—all of these and more already indicate the holidays are right around the corner. And the closer they get, the warmer the spirit of Christmas comes to life. Of course, as invigorating as it is to surround yourself with people just as pumped up as you to charge into the holiday rush, it can get overwhelming when you’re unprepared. That’s why you need to plan out what you’re going to buy, where you want to buy, and so on. 

However, besides stressing out on your Christmas feast, there’s another matter worth puzzling over. And that’s your Christmas decoration. Sure, you got the outdoor décor under control, but what about your interior? After all, your guests will be lingering indoors rather than outside; hence, you must use the same level of attention between your interior and outdoor décor.  

And you can get started by learning how to decorate your walls, if you want to become a professional, you can check jobs for a Christmas Decorator.  

Garland in shape of Christmas tree on wooden wall background

Hang It Up

Ornaments, garlands, wreaths—you can’t step into a shop selling Christmas décor without seeing at least one of these baubles. Avid fans of Christmas tradition would love to have these classics around the house. Now, what used to be a blank, empty wall has a splash of color from whatever décor you’ve picked. 

Without crowding your tree, you can hang up your chosen décor around the room. It’s an excellent way to save space while putting all your effort into adorning your home with the Christmas spirit—or if you prefer minimalism, you can put up quote signage expressing the holiday cheer.

However, if you want something a little different, Fine Art America and other curators that sell art prints might be what you’re seeking. Since these are made by artists instead of the generic, mass-produced designs, you can find originality in their museum-worthy artforms.

On another note, if art prints aren’t your thing, tapestries are still on the table. Instead of hanging up a frame, all you need to do is secure your tapestry with nails. Be mindful of where you put it, though. 

Since it’s cloth, there’s a higher chance it may stain when it’s within the crowded vicinity of your home. With that in mind, it could be better if you hang it somewhere up high; pinning it above your fireplace can have it as the room’s main attraction right next to the tree.

Starlight, Starbright

If you’re wholly invested in making your home as festive as possible, putting up light will illuminate your holiday season, indeed. Not only will it highlight the rest of your decorations, but it can also bring in a soft, homey feel that may get you and your family to appreciate togetherness this Christmas.

Even without a tree, fairy lights can steal the show as much as any average Christmas tree—and occupy way less space, to boot! But that’s not the only thing you can make with Christmas lights. Phrases, shapes—as long as you have a wide blank wall and a lengthy roll of lights, you can have it outline anything you want.

Create Your Own

Are the usual garlands and wreaths boring you at this point? Well, why not try making your own Christmas décor? By combining arts and craft stuff with your creativity, there’s no doubt you’ll do something entirely original. But it sounds like it’ll take too long to finish! Isn’t it better to buy something, instead?

Although there are many quirky wall arts at the market, it’s still a different experience to make one with your own hands. You don’t even need it to be as magnificent as what you see from Times Square. Whether it’s just a simple canvas art or not, all that matters is you poured both time and effort into it.

If you have young ones over for the holidays, ask them to join you. Sure, having many pairs of hands-on-deck will multiply productivity, but working together to make this little Do-It-Yourself (DIY) project happen can also bring you all together.

From collecting materials to pitching in ideas on what kind of décor you should do, this sense of togetherness is sure to bring the Christmas spirit in your home; stronger than ever.

Join In The Fun

Up to this day, the holiday season never ceased from being a flurry of activity. Preparing the Christmas feast, rounding up loved ones to invite—those two things together already sound like daunting tasks. But decorating the house is on a whole other level.  

Maybe you’re bored of what you consistently put up every year, or perhaps you’re simply curious how it’ll look, whatever your reason is, including different wall art on top of the rest of your decorations can give the Christmas cheer a boost.