Imagine you are being visited by the three ghosts of Christmas, but this is the 21st century so these guys are pulling up in the wheels of their time. Past arrives in a souped-up GTO with 80s glam rock pounding out of his Pioneer cassette/stereo auto sound system. Future appears in complete silence. He’s got a self-driving Tesla, a fully computerized, internet ready automobile with gadgets galore.

Here comes the Ghost of Christmas Present

Reports show the Ghost of Christmas Present is probably a woman. She’s driving a sensible car that’s gas friendly and tech savvy. She’s got a heads-up display for her GPS, PSI readers reporting tire pressure in real time, and she’s got the cutest little guy freshening the air inside. You are thinking “I know someone who could use some of that.”

Where does she get it?

Countless car gadget lists are available online. 25 Coolest Car Gadgets for the Speedster in your Life, The 10 Best-selling Auto Accessories This Year, and so on. Most of these sites are from a male-dominated world, but car gadgets are for everyone and with a little research, you’ll soon be filled with exciting new ideas.

Something for everyone on your Christmas list

It doesn’t matter if the car lover in your life is a man or a woman, old or young, they all want gadgets for their cars. Safety gadgets like a seatbelt cutter/window glass breaker, radar detectors for the speed demon, even a 3G tracking device for your errant teen. How about a car-top tent for the family adventurer? Christmas is the perfect excuse to load up on your favorite automobile gadgets for everyone.

Technology has brought the coolest gear within our reach. That which we couldn’t afford last year is affordable now. Amazon’s Alexa will give you directions on command, your cell phone holder will also charge your phone wirelessly, you can mount a video camera on your windshield to record traffic accidents as they occur. It’s affordable, available and ready to wrap for Christmas.

Christmas is coming and now’s the time to shop for all the automobile aficionados in your family or circle of friends. A little research and maybe some ghostly inspiration and you can shop with the confidence that comes from knowing the coolest car gadgets available.