So it’s fall, you’re ready to start decorating, but maybe not ready for Christmas. These Apple Christmas Decor ideas are the perfect answer to marry autumn and winter. Keep them up till spring, add your Christmassy touches, or simply start a new trend. After all, Fall and even Christmas Apple Decor is the perfect colours, red and green!

Apple Garland

Best Autumn and Christmas Apple Decor

This apple garland from RosiePlusTheBoys is the perfect seasonal garland that can you can hang from September to December!

Retro Kitchen Apple Accessories

Vintage Apple Mouse

Best Autumn and Christmas Apple Decor

This darling little mouse is a wonderful vintage item that would go great with any type of holiday display. Get it from EnglishOldSchool.

Apple Felt Ornaments

Best Autumn and Christmas Apple Decor

While you might not have your tree up yet, these adorable ornaments from DusiCrafts could go well on cabnet doors or doorknobs, helping you get into an autumn sprit. Then, when you do put your tree up they’ll add the perfect dash of red!

Paper Apple Art

Best Autumn and Christmas Apple Decor

This amazingly handmade paper art by WonderCraft Shop is the perfect fall art piece for your kitchen or study. Wouldn’t look out of place on the mantle at Christmas either!

Apple Cookbooks

Rustic Apple Door Hanger

Best Autumn and Christmas Apple Decor

I love the rustic look of this door hanger, when you’re not quite ready to put up a wreath, you could easily add a few bells or bows of holly to make this an all-winter decoration, too! Very country-home feel to this Christmas Apple Decor Handmade door hanger by AlmaBoheme, a truly one-of-a-kind item.

Apple Art Print

Best Autumn and Christmas Apple Decor

If you’re into something more modern and simple, this clean design will fit in perfectly with any holiday decor you have planned. Simple white, red and green can go with ANY Christmas decor. Buy it from PennyJaneDesign.

Apple Themed Ornaments for your Tree!

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