There’s just something about the mid-twentieth century and it’s abundance of nostaglia which makes us love Vintage Christmas Decorations. For anyone who grew up in the 1950s, of had parents that grew up in the 1950s (which is basically everyone), there are simply unmistakable decorations from this time period that make us all feel like kids again. Here we cover some of the most iconic decorations from the 50s, 60s and 70s.

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Shiny Brite

The most iconic and best known Vintage Christmas Decorations are certainly Shiny Brite ornaments. In fact, they’re so popular that the entire brand has been revived to make ornaments for a new generation, see below for a few examples of the vintage originals and the newer versions.

Vintage Christmas Decorations - Shiny Brite 1 


I have to admit, I’m a sucker for this ornament style, and I have purchased quite a few of the “remakes”, which are significantly less expensive than the vintage originals.

Ceramic Christmas Tree

How was this so popular that every home seemed to have one. It also comes in white!


From the giant plastic bulbs to the believably sharp star on top – this is one of the best Vintage Christmas Decorations from the mid-20th century for sure.

Flocked Santas

While they seem rather creepy now, these dancing little elves bring Christmas cheer whether you want it or not.


Plastic Reindeer

While there are many different styles, I can almost guarantee that you saw these little cuties growing up.

Vintage Christmas Decorations - Plastic Reindeer  Vintage Christmas Decorations - Plastic Reindeer

Too Much Tinsel

Need I say more?

If you love this style, see our Vintage Christmas Tree Decorations list, it has even more retro style!

What’s your favourite of these Vintage Christmas Decorations? Share in our Forum or in the Comments below!

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