To be honest, the whole Selfridges Christmas Shop is merely a set of about six displays at this point, although they plan on expanding by September 5th.

Selfridges Christmas Shop on AllThingsChristmas

I was shocked that they would even call it a “shop” as, aside from the trees, there were actually no other Christmas Decorations up in this part of the store (a few red/blue paper balls can be seen as a sort of Garland above the displays).

The displays themselves were mostly, as I mentioned, London themed. It’s obvious that (other than Christmas Fanatics like ourselves) picking up a Holiday-themed item at this time of year is likely going to be for tourist and souvenir purposes.

Selfridges Christmas Shop on

Selfridges Christmas Shop on

Aside from the bags, mugs, pens and other souvenir items, there were actually a couple of Christmas Decoration displays, and I think the best one was the Nutcrackers available!

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