Poems of Christmas time

Christmas poems have been part of the Christmas tradition for ages. These poems have been written by famous poets over centuries. They are commonly written on the traditions, history and origin of Christmas.

These poems go back hundreds of years. The famous poem “Nativity” was written by John Donne who was born in 1572. However, the tradition of writing poems specifically for Christmas started in 1822 when Clement C. Moore published his famous poem “A Visit from Saint Nicholas”. The poem was published under a different name – the popularly known “Night Before Christmas.” He wrote it as a gift for his children and read it to them during the Christmas time. It was the story of Santa Claus, flying around on his sleigh with eight reindeers and climbing down chimneys. The story of that poem eventually became inseparable from Christmas and has forever been woven into the very idea of Christmas.

Be a creative poet

Other poets have contributed to the rich collection of popular Christmas poems. Poets like Thomas hardy, Henry, Vaughan, Richard Wilber and Henry Wordsworth Longfellow have penned Christmas poems in their times.

Some Christmas poems are dedicated to the special occasion of Christmas, while others are religious and dedicated to the Jesus Christ and His teachings. Still others are children poems meant for kids to playfully sing with friends during the Christmas season. All these poems have a common thread – they are all in the spirit of the Christmas season and touch a cord in the heart of anyone who sings it or listens to it. These also form the emotional connections to fond memories of childhood, when children of today become adults of tomorrow.

Poems have a life of their own. Admittedly, seasoned poets know how to rhyme and make it flow and thus make it an easy read. However, poems can be and have been written by many ordinary people.   Whether written by famous poets and read by millions or written by a Mom for her loving children or even penned by a lonely soul talking to God out there, poems sizzle with the raw emotions contained in their words.

Combine poetry and art

Christmas poems are no different. Hidden in the lines that are all too familiar to those who read it every year are emotions, stories of bygone eras and teaching from ancient times. These provide us with a unique vision of the life at the time the poem was written. Christmas poems have been written over many years, each presenting a unique view of the same occasion, filtered by the norms of those times.

Christmas poems have been written in many forms and for many kinds of people who have played a significant role in our society and in our lives. Poems for teachers, for fathers, for mothers, funny poems, melancholy ones and many others have been written by professional and amateur writers alike.

Write a poem this season, for someone you love or care for. Or just write one to celebrate the Christmas season. Draw inspiration by reading other poems let your creativity flow. Let your words remain a fond memory for others, for years after you have passed.


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