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Writing contest

Do you like to write and do you have something to write about? Then you can certainly win our writing context.

It is fun and educational to enter a writing contest. When you write about a particular topic you learn more and get experience as a writer at the same time. This is experience which can be used in many of life's situations.

Here at allthingschristmas.com we have opened a writing contest where you can tell about your country or state's Christmas traditions. How do you celebrate Christmas in Austria, or South Africa, for example? Are there special Christmas traditions in Louisiana or Kentucky? The whole world is welcome to participate.

Girl in writing contest

The text should not be about private traditions but should be general for your state or country. The text should be at least 400 words long and original. You cannot just copy something from a book or from the internet!

The best stories will be made public on allthingschristmas.com and the best entry will be sent a wonderful prize for Christmas.

First deadline:

Send your text to

The first deadline is December 17, 2007.

If you lack inspiration you can find a lot of information in books and on the internet, but remember that you cannot copy the texts you read.

Additional deadlines:

If you cannot manage to participate in our writing contest before Christmas, perhaps you can make the next deadline?

You can send us your stories throughout the year. The best story will be rewarded every six months.


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