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They do that here too. I even had a woman in front of me at Safeway with her cart FULL of bread, milk , toilet paper etc. It was like she was going to go in to a bomb shelter.She then asked the cashier "Will you be open tomorrow?" I had to try not to laugh, because I was thinking "What else could you possibly need?"
Another thing that cracks me up, but also gets me a bit peeved, is they will close the government offices due to snow. The workers supposedly can't make it in due to the weather, yet for some reason the mall parking lot is jammed packed.
How can I get my street on VDOTís list of
roads to be plowed?
There is no such list. If a road is a state road,
VDOT is responsible for clearing it. VDOT
roads have black and white route number
signs attached to either a stop sign or a
street name sign. Before it snows, check
to see whether or not your street is

Why does it take so long to clear
subdivision streets during major storms?
Heavy or deep snows slow plow truck
progress so it may take longer for plows to
reach your street. Narrow streets, hills and
curves, parked cars and smaller cul-de-sacs
also slow plowing operations.

What should my subdivision street look
like after a major snowstorm?
During snowstorms of 8 inches or more, your
street will have only one travel lane plowed
initially and it may be snow-packed, making
all-weather tires a must. Crews will continue
plowing until your roadway is clear.


A lot of people in northern Virginia don't know how to safely drive in snow. That would be a good reason to not require people to come to work. But those same people don't have sense enough to stay home!