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Thread: Low-Budget Gifts?

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    Question Low-Budget Gifts?

    I'm really bad at knowing the right present to give out. I'm trying to figure out what I can get friends for about $20-$25 each. Anyone's got an idea?

    What can I give my female friends, and what can I give my male friends? I don't want to come up with the typical gifts like ties and perfume. I want something they'll like and really appreciate.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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    how about spa baskets for the girls and baskets of goodies for the guys. I forgot to take a picture of my dads basket before I wrapped it but I put several types of chips, crackers, cookies, candy and popcorn in a nicely decorated basket. It was suppose to be a Couch potato basket but he won't wear slippers and they don't have a vcr or dvd or even cable so he couldn't use the dvd movie or the tv guide that it calls for. I hope this gives you an idea. I made my mom the foot spa basket and my sister the nail spa basket. I would love a bath spa basket but hubby don't know how to make up one for me! presentspresents
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