We Took A Dive Christmas '95

'Tis is not sad in that Dad works so hard for his money?
Spends two weeks pay --- toys for his boys
Mommy frugal and bright, plans so Christmas will be right
Preparing for that special day, keeping two little boys at bay.
Then late Christmas Eve --- there are thieves
To steal in the night everything in sight
When the deed was discovered it was too late to recover
All the stores shut up tight, Dad's wallet now very light!

When one opens one's gift it is thought the gift
Was bought with on self in mind.
Christmas a happy time --- when there is crime?
What preserves pleasures is felt by the pilfering person
as he rips packages and bags he has stolen.
When he stares.
Then did he chuckle or brag?

I think the kids had fun that holiday
Love, health, each other together
And as Carly Simon would say;
"With every situation anticipation is the best sensation"
The thief can't take that away